Saturday, September 29, 2012


Always hard to forget,
The sins are ever plain,
Who can talk of forgiveness?
My anger, just, any complaints?

Then it happens,
Complete turn around,
Blood on my hands,
The ultimate reversal.

Too quick to judge,
Should have closed my mouth,
What I said yesterday,
Today I cannot live down.


Morning rain,
Tapping against the glass,
Blurring the world beyond,
Steady lulling rhythm.

Breath in the vapor,
Scent of mint and lemon,
Calm like the evening,
Walk beneath the leaves.

Time to get ready,
Day has drawn its curtain,
The props are in place,
I must be on stage.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


It isn't the job,
No title so important,
If any man can fill the shoe,
The argument made, why do you?

It's the person in the mix,
The lemon that gives the twist,
Speaking off the cuff,
A robot cannot bluff!

Defend the right to be,
We are not just to please,
A time come for change,
Eventually, all things rearrange. 


Never hit home like this,
A chance that I might have missed,
Days are shorter than they seem,
Fancy flight on dreams.

Time with you is limited,
A chapter comes to an end,
Each page is turned,
A lesson learned.

Before they close the book,
Anther shelved to history,
Did I spend the time I wanted?
For you a difference made?

Monday, September 24, 2012


The art of form,
Adroit but real,
Set the standard,
Modest appeal.

So many cubes,
Spheres to splendor the eye,
Row upon row the collection,
Greater whole of the I.

No wonder we still gaze,
Awe inspired repetition,
Curious the ever expanded mind,
The greatest muse our world.


Strange awakening,
The lights are often dim,
A father needs to get up,
Chase away the badies.

Fun at times to wrestle,
Firm when he needs to be,
Open a book to take a look,
Color outside the lines.

Cut up the bananas,
Go for a walk,
Teach the way of life,
Tuck in at night.

Saturday, September 22, 2012


Remember September,
Deep in December,
Warm shadows abound,
Gather the family around.

Laughing in autumn,
Can't find the bottom,
Bring out some cheer,
Face winter without fear.

Leaves fall about,
Time to go out,
Enjoy all the days,
Amazing in grace.


Discovered something horrible,
A slight upon my brow,
Don't care much for others,
Feel the cheaper somehow.

No patience for the car ahead,
Wish they'd move vor me,
Somehow forgot they matter,
How cheap can a soul be?

Time to make a change,
Take this light instead,
The way of this road,
Has bright days ahead.

Friday, September 21, 2012

The Path

Found my way back,
Lost for a time,
Distractions catch the eye,
Twinkle in the water.

Too easy to stray,
The path isn't so clear,
Faded sign posts,
No life well charted.

Decisions to make,
New friends to seek,
Traveling alone,
Never hard to beat.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Not all dreams come true,
For one to live another dies,
A lifetime is soon spent,
Did I choose the right?

Tears on the pillow,
Restless tossing about,
Unhappiness soon swallows,
Self-pity allowed to wallow.

Remember what I wanted,
Those things that have come true,
Appreciate the answered prayers,
The reality of once dreams.

Sunday, September 16, 2012


One thought,
A sudden remissness,
A regret too often,
Thought once forgotten.

Belittle the dream,
A sudden forethought.
Cast aside for reality,
A dream slain aside.

Stark the truth,
A curtain folded wide,
Believe not the picture,
Painted wide the lie.

Friday, September 14, 2012


Man the stations!
Get out the big guns!
All hands on deck,
The big sale has begun!

Didn’t need it before,
Still don’t now,
Drastic price cut they say,
We see it and then we pay.

Just a notion of greed,
Have to have it all,
Chasing of the wind,
Money gone and chagrined.


Too many fools to handle,
Wisdom sought in nonsense,
When did posturing pay?
For pride, never a way.

The ignorant don’t even know it,
To little are they shown this,
Trapped behind the glass,
Always greener the other grass.

How do things ever change?
It takes time to rearrange,
A teacher’s job is never done,
If you care, rarely fun.


The way is often clouded,
Too many trees for the forest,
How much further should we go?
Half of us wished we stayed below.

Rugged the way of the achiever,
A dream is hard to realize,
Over rocks we scramble,
To win, sometimes a gamble.

The final clearing made,
A short rest to pause,
Look behind in surprise,
Just how far have you come?


Just another remark,
Fell on the deaf ears,
So much he had to say,
Listen close to the tears.

The ending is always near,
Never so much to the old,
A life’s regrets and the rest,
Summed up in one fear.

What made the difference,
Remains after the years?
All he did and said,
Remembered by those dear?