Saturday, January 5, 2013


Vice, terrible ice,
Frozen in the bone,
Lice, terrible mice,
Infests the soul.

Nice, call it twice,
Knife of folly,
Dice, cut it thrice,
Path to poverty.

All that’s left,
Debt to robbery.


A little lore,
Tale to tell,
Fading interest,
The eyes fell.

Ring with truth,
So often knell,
Ignore alarm,
Warning bell.

Sleeping fool,
Could have learned,
Avoid the gifts,
Scattered now.


Allegory for life,
Example of choice,
Too many teachers,
Not enough voice.

Make the same mistakes,
Saw them come again,
Learned once before,
Why is at the door?

Could I start again?
Reset the hunger,
Should I err again,
Do the numbers.


Why do we love you,
Shade of our fear?
Run we far away,
Yet often jeer.

So often preoccupied,
Through the day to year,
Visit you often in our minds,
Though often near.

Celebrate and fear,
Don’t it seem a little queer?
Hate you and love you,
Death, human’s tear.


I life once lived,
Begin to end,
Makes the soul to pause,
Reflect within.

What was right and wrong,
Choices made before,
Light my way today,
Wisdom from the start.

You didn’t live in vain,
Though many hath forgot,
Little did you know,
Biography, that you taught.


Cycle around we go,
Every dip to rise,
Hopes seldom die,
Dark only by the light.

Renewal to come,
Just a passing thing,
Today must fall,
Tomorrow springs.

Calm the troubled heart,
All has been before,
A moment settled now,
Begins the newest start.