Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Wake of night,
Stars call out in the silence,
Songs long unheard,
The storied ways painted bright.

Radiant in passing,
Brief the life,
Falling to the ground,
Fire fading.

Pale cheering,
Mirror of the day,
One side evermore,
Begins the waning now.

Reflect the great depths,
Stand upon the brink,
Floating vessel through space,
We always traveled the milky path.

Just one spark in the dark,
A voice of my own to lift,
Passing small in the night,
Yet I was here.

Crazy Baby

Crazy baby!
Playing all the time,
Jump in the puddle,
Once more down the slide!

Time to sing daddy,
So much to celebrate,
Another day with you,
Let's go to the zoo!

You don't need to work,
Just stay home with me,
We love you so much,
Mommy agrees!


Who writes to be unheard?
A laying down of my mind,
Lost this moment,
To the pen define.

Born a different sort,
Compose to unheard note,
A shilling for the time,
Another random rhyme.

Illustrate to words,
Muse a crazy pet,
To spill the ink,
Never blink.


Pencil moves quick,
Sketch the lines,
Remove the canvas of paper,
Image hidden inside.

A tear stained eye,
Somber smiles,
Yet belies.

Draw the inner mind,
Feel the raw fire,
Slip the bonds,
Let it fly!

Monday, July 30, 2012


Garden of memories,
So long ago,
A child among roses,
Grass cool on the toes.

Young once upon a time,
World was still new,
Were there cares then,
Who really knew?

A train brought us,
I saw buildings below,
Terraced the verdant eaves,
Quiet the hill top.

Sisters walk together,
Mom and dad stand by,
Curious to recall them now,
Reds and whites, some golden hues.

Now I stand with a child,
Walking the same paths,
His mother is laughing with us,
Will he recall when these days are gone by?


Little beggar on the porch,
Dusty brown, gently ruffled,
No one notices you,
Except the few.

Popcorn stray,
A cracker, a crumb,
Let them come,
Little ones need food.

Of all the creatures here,
You're far outshone my dear,
But lest you forget little sparrow,
God mentioned you.


Flow with grace,
Whirl the blades,
A light in the dark,
Flash of metal.

Guard you heart,
Pierce or defend,
Wait the opening.

Just a dart,
Sturdy thrust,
Misplaced word,

Sunday, July 29, 2012


I took a walk today,
A curious hike through the clouds,
Laughing water all around,
Gilded stones in the sun.

Just a few friends,
A brother or two,
On a trail we knew not,
Accident or design?

Delicate petals dare,
A thorn or two beware,
Lace the green in velvet,
Pause, breath the air.

Falls named for fairies,
Glisten in the sun,
Slide the rocks and stone,
Cascade away, away.

Get out once in awhile,
Live a little each day,
Far to soon like water,
Away, away.


Oh what joy is bacon,
That salty yet juicy meat,
It pops and snaps,
Hiss and sputter,
Chewy and crisp,
Let's have it for lunch!

Saturday, July 28, 2012


Once in awhile,
When the days are long,
A gentle walk,
Reflects the soul.

All the strains escape,
Worries must fly away,
Today is the moment,
The future itself must concern.

Family is all that you have,
When all is stripped away,
Maybe a friend or two,
Those that hold fast.

Whether here or there,
Near of far away,
The bond remains,
Closer now than ever before.

Choose to love today,
Yesterday has passed away,
Tomorrow is yet to come,
This is your chance to overcome.


Just a walk with daddy,
Hold tight to his hand,
The road it ever beckons,
Smell the flowers on the way.

We meet a lot of people,
Kids just passing through,
Share a laugh with all,
One more time down the slide.

Long day comes to an end,
A little further to go,
Here my love ones gather,
Come on daddy, let's go home.

Friday, July 27, 2012


What are dreams but shadows?
Hopes of things unseen,
Wishes left unspoken,
What may yet be.

A man was singing today,
Tune I did not know,
Wistful and with memory,
Nostalgia I cannot see.

Leave me not in the dark,
A story or two to hear,
What was can be learned,
A change in today to make.

Reality could be a dream,
A dream made real for a change,
A life lived in the past,
What hope for a present today?

Move aside, step back,
Take in the picture's whole,
See the words there written,
A thought to take you through.

Every Mount

Breath unto the light,
A fadding of images,
Part the clouds,
Wings take flight.

Stop the course,
Lift the curtain,
Sails have borne away,
Fleet across the spray.

No rock nor ice,
Every mount can be climbed,
Take this day,
Or you never will.


Time to shine,
A chance to sparkle,
Let them throw the mud,
It still falls with a thud.

Every facet a perfect cut,
Each talent burnished bright,
So much to give,
Alot left to live.

Only you dictate,
Let them all berate,
Did your best,
Ignore the rest.

Write a poem,
Dare to show them,
Don't keep inside,
Your brighter side.


Munchkin, munchkin,
Apple of my eye,
Munchkin, munchkin,
Tear across the room!

Time to watch a movie,
Read a book too,
Who needs a nap,
There is so much to do!

Munchkin, munchkin,
Keeps me on my toes,
Munchkin, munchkin,
Angel but a little rogue!

Good Day

It's going to be a good day,
Clouds in the sky fly by,
Coffee spilled over,
But its going to be a good day.

Shirts not washed,
Tie won't behave,
Hair out of place,
It's going to be a good day.

Train overcrowded,
Boss over tense,
Work falls behind,
It's going to be a good day.

Take it in the stride,
Never mind the pride,
Your choice to make,
It's going to be a good day,

Thursday, July 26, 2012


Walk through the halls,
Caving in,
I can't breath,

I could leave,
I won't,
Well trod path,
Like repeated mistakes.

Am I free, a slave?
Next week or forever?
Tomorrow is coming,
Yesterday a memory.

Chains are bound,
Author's cruel design,
Alone in my cell,
I hold the key.

Rest is for the good,
The rest doze,
Labor a curse,
Got to stay alive.

Perhaps a wish,
A song forgotten,
This is not my being,
Just a shadow.


A muzzel shot,
Flash in the dark,
The play is stopped,
Actors have no words.

Some scenes were paint,
What was costume?
When the curtain falls,
Who was watching?

Exist stage left,
Your role now over,
To thunderous applause,
Or the silent room?


Words are cheap,
Compliments too free,
Never ending tongue,
He stopped listening.

A guesture, an act,
Helping hands,
Deed worth respect,
She believed.

No action no faith,
Who would die for?
One word instead of ten,
We pause to hear.


What we love and praise,
Hope and fear,
Measures our days.

Should rule start in the heart?
Governed by divine,
Memories colored,
Dim or do they shine?

If fallen low,
The statue still stood,
Though slashed,
Bright the canvas shown.

Was it not a measure of parts?
Relief on the tomb,
I was here,
Loved life given.

A fight for the day,
Victory in rest,
Guide to greatness,
Our simple sentiment. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I didn't care for you,
Once upon a time,
You had the talents,
I had the rhymes,
Somehow it got through,
Took just a while,
I wanted you,
Not so much me,
Thought you were cool,
I in the shade,
Yet you were telling men,
I didn't listen,
All I had to be,
Was a little more me,
No idealized champion,
Because I was he.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


What a silly game,
Dressing up to show,
Checking out that chick,
Find her eyes on him.

Time to top the other,
Outclass, outdone,
Fashion icon,
Always newest look.

Only confirmation,
Still manly indeed,
Did she notice?
Wanted just for me.

Did he think me pretty?
Could he see inside?
Will this attraction,
Pass to understanding?

Players confused the stage,
Thought it was for dress,
Honest character to show,
Starts with hello.


Stand by the door,
Wait the knock,
Too many years,
Idle games,
Circles withing circles,
Dogs chase tails,
Always working,
Never achieving,
Looking in the desert,
A trinket from the deep,
Treasure in the home,
Near at hand,
When do we find,
Appreciate us?
Honesty in the heart,
Accept the gifts.

Monday, July 23, 2012


Seasons pass so quickly,
A leaf has fallen,
Then another,
And another.

The sun still shines,
No clouds yet,
Gilded fields,
Soft pastures.

Still time to sow,
Plan a harvest,
Reap and store,
Gather more.

Three decades pass,
Full of memory,
Creative words,
Some regrets.

While the days are long,
Grow while you can,
For future seasons,
Save some seed.


5:30AM its time to play!
Why are you sleeping like that?
So many things yesterday,
Time to do them again!
Some songs to sing,
A toy to juggle,
Cheerios fly with the wind,
You're free at last!
A walk to the park,
Mom it's time to start,
Let's pack it up dad,
We've fallen behind,
Those flowers right there,
Just like hair won't pull themselves!
I won't need a nap,
Too much to do for that,
So many stories to read,
And just me to please,
Rise and shine!
Why are you sleeping like that?

Sunday, July 22, 2012


The moment of inspiration,
A flame, a flash of lightening,
Domino set in motion,
Everything makes sense,
The vistas open before me,
Morning was bleak,
Afternoon blah,
Now a direction,
End back in sight,
Who needs the blocking?
No story board for me,
I found it!
Rare book on the shelf,
Chamber unexplored,
A chest finally opened,
Story now reborn.


Ripples in mist,
Flick the golden tail,
Water dragon of many colors,
Grace the many greens,
Sky and sea,
Land and fire,
Midnight garden,
The emperor rests,
Candle flame,
Balance achieved,
Who knows the dreams,
When the Koi sleep?

Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Fair

Scarlet and purple,
A ribbon flutters,
Dance in the breeze,
Eccentric design.

A stroke, a brush,
Blue hides in the green,
An eye, a smile,
Who hides behind the paint?

Lazy tune in my ear,
A sax, a keyboard,
People sway to artist hand,
Light are their feet.

Whirling glass and charms,
Tinkle the notes like water,
Metal woven in tendril hands,
Angels wings in delicate bronze.

Excitement, the best is here,
Year long work revealed,
Some for money, most for praise,
Here at the art fair.


A dream is like vesper,
Moment's pause,
It could be gone,
Catch it if you can!

To dare to hope,
Rise above,
On a spirit's wing,
Joy, even if to fall.

Love if you can,
The book quickly closes,
When sun has set,
Will the fire still burn?

Live, it happens once,
Treasure the seconds,
Crystals in my hand,
Every precious moment.

Friday, July 20, 2012


Long ago they thought they knew,
How to fight the sun and moon,
Deep they went sound and smell,
Beneath the beating of the bells,
In quite halls still as stone,
Waters unrippled calm and deep,
Constant dripping of the spires,
Silent patter of little feet,
Dark and deep they built there home,
Beneath the ancient bones of this world,
In the silent places they waited,
One day to return unabated.


If time is a moment,
Then let it pass,
Who can hang on forever?
Water through the hands,
Memory and regrets,
What more can they be?
Trails from where I've been,
Warning the road ahead of me,
A few decades flew so easily,
Empty houses on the hill,
Life and now must travel on,
Each chapter a printed page,
Sing a walking song,
For yes, time marches on.

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Sizzle and spit,
Butter and garlic laced,
Salt excites the senses,
Pepper a stark taste,
She likes it well done,
A little raw for me,
Juices mixed with fiery heat,
A steak divine fit to eat.

The Line.

Heart beats,
Blood pounding in my head,
Dew is scattered,
Catch him!

Thoughts focused,
I hear cheering,
Labor to breath,
He is right behind me.

Out of the shade,
A mile left,
Down hill,
Go with the rush.

Around the corner,
Snow on the ground?
Morning shade against me,
It's cold but nice.

Up the slope,
Sun is brilliant in my eyes,
Just one more push,
Cross the line!


A cup, or a jug?
Oh what a marvelous brew,
Bit of berry, cherry, and chocolate too,
Just enough to see me through,
Who ever thought to roast a bean?
Could we elect them king or queen?
My wife says, "never cream,"
Though it won't hurt the caffeine,
Still I add a splash with a dash,
Got to catch that morning train!


Long and low the pipe did play,
Amidst the silent stone,
Neither sound nor laugh was heard,
Centuries had silences them,
Yet haunting notes echoed forth,
Dancing through sculpted sentinels,
So sweet was the piper's song,
Stones obeyed and shed a tear,
Bowed low and open wide,
Guardians the door threw wide.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Drink the blackness in,
Fade the twilight,
Out they come a dancing,
Diamonds a blaze with light,
Forever they cross the paths,
Ever true in their course,
Sisters and brothers united,
Patterns seen by men of old,
Forgotten in the stillness,
Radiating life's rays,
Silent sentinels awaiting,
Though a life a moment passing,
Even stars must someday fade.


Hidden now given,
Two but now one,
Flame that was dimmed,
Now full in bloom,
Potential in making,
Never a disappoint,
Through dark chambers,
Come into the light.


Filtered light, undetermined,
Soft hues on the floor,
Tendrils hang pale white,
Distant call on the air,
Pines still sleep,
Will the sun break through?

Monday, July 16, 2012


A song, a whistled tune,
Turn the darkness aside,
Smiles and laughter,
Shatter oppression,
Helping hand in time,
Weakness overlooked,
Support when staff breaks,
Light out of darkness.

Sunday, July 15, 2012


Of all the leadership talks,
So geared to manage crowds,
A forgotten truth was said,
To lead you must be led,
Who follows unless you follow?
Courage must know the weakest needs,
The leader a servant to all,
Willing to wash their feet.


Some days are distracting,
A chance to dwell in gloom,
All the sand castles fallen,
Pounding of the waves,
Every dream pursued,
Fading like prismatic light,
A step ahead to fall behind,
Toils the man in vain,
No talent good enough,
Nor skill so desired,
Should arts die thus?
The end of songs sublime,
Rain on mood clouds,
Sun has set on ambitions.

This Hat

Worn by sun and rain,
Faded leather brim,
Rode the wind and sea,
In forest halls dim.

Looked on palaces old,
Sojourn in the east,
Kimchi and theater,
Korea's haunting melody.

A storm, a horse,
Stars on the mountain,
Prowls the forest lion,
Eyes in the darkness.

Emerald waters touch the sky,
See the world's curve,
Alone on Long's Peak,
Oh what this hat has seen.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Funny Cat

There was a funny cat,
Sunglasses but had no hat,
Around she romped with glee,
Faded jeans and sipping tea,
What a silly thing to me,
She had to remove her ears I fear,
When end of day drew near,
Her mother said, "Comb your hair."
But tomorrow she'll go again,
Off to Comicon with friends.


Yesterday I saw something good,
A friend gave me a call,
The weather was perfect,
I borrowed a book.

She gave a tip for her coffee,
He opened the door,
A rose was presented,
An elder got a seat.

Not every day is bad,
Take in the details,
A choice to reflect,
Make it anew.

City of Pines

Crisp snowflakes on the air,
Mingle with the scent of smoke,
Exhilaration of forest scent,
Uphill trek to the gates.

A city of pines,
Fortress of timbers,
Guard against the winter ills,
Shelter of the stout of heart.

Songs of old to ale a flowing,
Dwarven tales of yore,
Mighty was the falling,
Evil struck down at the wall.

Nestled now in nature's rest,
Roots grown deep as trees,
Gather again the ancient clans,
Should again the fastness have need.

Last Song

Shadows of the fading light,
Soft whispers of the fallen leaves,
Old paths have lost their charm,
No more songs beneath the eaves,

Alone the passing race,
Glory scarcely remembered,
Mighty halls have fallen silent,
To all things a last song.

Friday, July 13, 2012


Fresh sheet of paper,
Opening of a door,
Foot of a trail,
Lighting of a candle,
Rumble of storm clouds,
A child's first cry,
Love's chaste kiss,
To all things a beginning.

Thursday, July 12, 2012


"Just wait until it is you,"
Something like that it goes,
"Then you will understand,"
As if you had no clue,

Perhaps it would be better,
Should one confess it,
Simply admit ones faults,
Don't feign ignorance,

A child is full of fun and vigor,
Don't try to contain it,
Made to keep us young,
Laughter as we chase them,

Every day is new page,
A chance to begin anew,
Take time to draw a picture,
Color outside the lines,

Life is what you make of it,
A different attitude,
Choose to seize joy in all you do,
The brighter side will always come through.


Tomorrow and tomorrow,
Creeping forth the days,
Stagnant while free to move,
Bound to a well trod course,
Usher in and usher out,
Dawn to evening cool,
No further ahead but some behind,
Change is slow in coming,
A lament for time wasted,
Talents often rusted,
Hope draws a new string,
Strike a cord for music's change.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Sometimes a little bit of me dies,
Closing of a chapter and turning of a page,
Pushed on by a force I cannot resist,
All things must fade in time,
Friends change and memories dim,
Creeping forgetfulness is an enemy,
Photograph and line or two,
Softly the days fade away,
But I can't let these experiences go,
A day on the river, a walk in the snow,
A heart felt confession of long ago,
Flame in the heart not yet gone,
Though death comes in silent guise,
Mocker to the joys of life's treasures,
Still we will not be apart forever,
Goodbye's are not the end.


Bleak and barren,
Cold rocks clinging to the sky,
Hush of the silent peaks,
No chirp of birds.

Tight the coat around me,
Winds can not dislodge,
A friend silent watch keeps,
Eyes to the west.

Fire on the ridge line,
Orb of golden hues,
Arise the dawn chariot,
Sunrise over the Sisters.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


It is a sad day when age imputes no wisdom,
When beauty fades through grasping hands,
Ever did vanity chase the wind,
The wretched soul words of affirmation,
Understanding was better than experience,
The heart the center of loveliness,
Compliments come and go,
Worthless were words from fools,
Weavers of days will spin them no less,
A few moments of reflection will bless,
From within wells the spring of hope,
Spend well these seconds so spent.


A little hurt,
Words cast in vain,
Sparks to roaring flame,
Unleash the beast.

Nothing is happier when wounded,
What better shield to my faults?
All the world is against me,
Fine then let it burn.

Ashen bridges have fallen,
Cheer has gone out of the room,
A sour cord has offended,
Wish I were away.

No better weapon to kill,
Friendships to asunder,
Would that I had patience,
Accepted my own faults.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Father's Delight

A kiss for the booboos,
Hugs for the tear stained face,
Rejoicing in triumphs,
Always there to cheer,
A father delights in laughter,
The invitation to play,
An hour may go by like a minute,
Cares of the evening slip away,
A happy "Dad!" at the door,
Smile to shatter all worries away,
A moment to be young again,
Hope for each day.

Night Hunter

Down the corridor,
Over the fence,
Silent shadow,
Glitter the eyes,
Through the field,
Under the eaves,
Atop the box,
Soft the passing,
A shudder a breath,
Leap in the dark,
Fang and claw,
Night hunter strikes.

Sunday, July 8, 2012


The banners were waving,
Armor glowed in the eastern light,
Hungry and spent,
Yet hope born of despair,
Before them went the Lance,
One glittering point amidst many,
A charge, a rallying cry,
Once more unto the fray!
Some said the Great Host was there,
Others the Almighty Himself,
Horse and man bore down on ranks,
Shattered the enemy dispersed,
Would not St. George approved that day?
Tents and treasures were theirs,
Exhausted but unified,
Antioch was given rest.


Vespers of winter snow,
Swirl in the mind of memory,
Falling leaves in autumn,
Walks in the forgotten gardens,
Deep waters cast on the shore,
A haunting melody of night,
Baby kiss on my cheek,
Such is mint in my tea.

Saturday, July 7, 2012


Candle glow and soft music,
Smell the buttered pasta,
Red the ruby wine,
Freshly seasoned prawns,
A laugh and a smile,
Rosy hues fill the night,
Somewhere a piano is playing,
The moon is full of light,
Painter's hand could not illustrate,
Musician articulate,
The sweetest moment when I'm with you,
Soft the kiss by firelight.


Stars whirl overhead,
The enormity of space invites us,
Ever it recedes,
Yet silent awaits,
Do the nebulae dream in colors?
Supernovas, stars set free?
What mystery pulls us on,
Can human understanding define?
The rings chase each other in rings,
Spinning orbs round brightest lights,
Could we ever know it all?
Yet press on we must,
For flame of understanding,
By spark set the divine.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Little Apple

Little apple in the orchard,
See how it grows,
Cherry red by touch of sun,
Playing in the breeze,
One day it will let go,
Not far away take root,
With dreams and fertile ground,
Like it's parents a strong tree it will grow.

Thursday, July 5, 2012


Line by line they fill the halls,
Whispers of the thoughts,
Voices that call out to me,
Speak their histories.

Ages of dust cannot hide them,
Centuries of ignorance blind,
Once they thought lived and breathed,
Written were the voices of legacy.

Though foolish men despise them,
The corrupt attempt to silence,
Lest we forget our heritage,
Let not libraries fall to dust.


Still waters run deep they say,
But such waters are rarely moved,
They lack the power to carve the mountains,
Storm in passion and cry in rain,
Better the roll of waves and breathing in,
Than placid stillness in a whisper,
Still waters never travel through course unknown,
Nay but on swimming dreams they remain.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Images at the corner of my eyes,
Memory is fading into light.
Now escape me,
The shadow in the hall,
I ask and now it is gone.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Of all the popular titles,
None can beat the complainer,
Never happy nor glad,
Contentment a foreign concept.

Even when the chips are down,
One can always depend on,
The bright side isn't so,
We always knew the worst would come!

It isn't fair he got more,
She's the prettier sort after all!
I'm always the unlucky,
Can't you shut that door?

Hard to lose and easy to gain,
One's reputation can severe be marred,
Perhaps a gentle word a silent tongue,
A little understanding and the complainer is undone.

The Raven's Song

Shadow on a foggy down,
Picking bones still warm,
Quiet fills the morning still,
Except that mournful croak,
Circle overhead they prowl,
Hopping amidst the shapes,
"It matters not who was right or wrong,"
Black feathers spoke that day,
"In the end a common grave,"
And that's the raven song.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Pocket Watch

It was old and covered with rust,
A metal case that barely would open.
Inside next to the silent hands,
A photo of two lovers in impassioned embrace.

He said it had sat in a drawer,
Until now a concealed reminder.
"From now to the end of time" it read,
No wedding band upon his hand.

For what purpose did he bring it in,
What point if she was not there?
Silent questions burned in my head,
But out it walked with ticking clock.

Set to action again,
The movement restored to work,
Time brought back in motion,
Alas not all hearts are so.


Dusty covers hide such power,
Paper browned with passing time,
Yet in written words the ancients speak,
Draw us back across those years.

Sunday, July 1, 2012


Typing in the darkness,
Some random verse at the corner of my mind,
Whispers of some forgotten words,
Thoughts that beckoned sighs.

It really isn't my medium,
Rhyming by candlelight,
But then the haunting begins,
Something I should have said.

Fluid is the mind,
Swimming in the sea of discourse,
Harken the sound of sleep,
Thoughts at rest when words run dry.


Chilled white wine,
Broiled salmon with a hint of lemon,
Baby laughing in the background,
Loving wife tickling my ear,
Can any man ask for more,
When life is good and love adored?


Finally I understand that line,
You evaded me so long little five,
So now if you are true as I believe you to be,
Then three and four are right at the door,
Followed in by two and six.
But wait one minute sir,
Nine would have to be in your spot,
Alone are six and seven now,
No I checked it, but I've lost again!


The dragon's roar shook the stone,
Battering rocks brought down the walls.
Defenders quailed beneath the breath,
Homes alight with flaming rage.

Valiant arrows soared ever upwards,
Down their falling like a million stars.
Wail and decry the end it comes,
No more shall songs be sung.

Then stood the lord in armor shining,
Sword and spear shaken aloft.
A cry of challenge quickly answered,
The rider and drake swing low.

Fire roars and shield prevents,
A striking claw and snap of jaws.
Strike true and fast,
Curse and quail the ground is scarred.

Blood flows the valiant fail,
Seething eyes glow red in the night.
Approach for killing blow,
Sudden pain and shaft of steel.

Down crashes the mighty,
Tumble and crush in dying rage,
Spear within the heart of fire,
Rider rides no more.

A cry of praise quickly paused,
Hero's dying request to hear.
Tomb of father's defended,
People violence spared.

Rest beneath the bones of beast,
Lasting remnants to remind.
Though shorn the line of Evron,
A king by a king was slain.


Aged men deep in thought,
Sip the tea of philosophy.
White beards flowing,
Spilling over the pages.
Ink the medium,
Beneath the bonsai tree.