Monday, October 15, 2012


We fake it so often,
A smile the token,
Break the broken,
To the truth you’ve woken.

Played to get it by,
Don’t deride if I try,
Mine was the reason why,
Born to defy.

Never let it go,
They think they know,
So far to row,
Wish I’d just said no.

Monday, October 8, 2012


Daddy for the flowers of spring,
Baby the greeting of summer,
Mommy the dancer of fall,
Birthdays come to us all.

Walk through the meadows,
Play by the beach,
Flowers in your hair,
Sand between the toes.

Fire keeps the hearth,
Cider on the stove,
Pumpkin pies topped with cream,
Gather the loved ones all.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Rain on my tears,
Shattered hopes of yesterday,
Scoop the pieces up,
Reset what cannot be whole.

Nothing lasts forever here,
Just so much daydreaming,
Pause and play it out,
Too many are often sleeping.

Do what you may,
Work sometimes pays,
The scales are set,
From the heart the weight of man.


Sunny days ever gold,
Just a walk in the park,
Came to see the animals,
Strollers not far apart.

Time for time with you,
Moments cannot be forgotten,
Breath in the warm September,
Flowers give their farewell show.

Wonder cannot be lost,
Give it a moment's pause,
Step back a step,
Child yet in all of us.


Beginning of a beginning,
Better than the end of an end,
Too many thoughts,
Lying in the dusty leaves.

Sun backed stones,
Brick upon brick,
Creeping around the hall,
Caged, trapped within.

Sad at the turn of page,
The final chapter in sight,
Epilogue the last word,
Can we begin again?