Friday, November 30, 2012


Baby kisses,
Hope for tomorrow,
Sweetest laugh,
Breaks the walls.

Just an hour or two,
A glimpse in the morning,
Just a book or three,
Time for bed my love.

I pray you grow strong,
Life will be rough,
Defend the small ones,
Show them you’re tough.


“Any money babe?”
Nowhere to go,
Twenty-four hours,
Nothing to do.

Cold pavement,
Bricks too,
Ride the train tonight,
Catch a wink or two.

Trees thick here,
Soft dirt beneath,
Close the eyes awhile,


Roads long,
Blanket the darkness,
Faded paint,
Watch the markers.

A light ahead,
Soft radio,
Nothing on.

Figures in the wind,
Laugh and point,
Strap yourself in,
Bumpy ride.


Tedium rolls,
Ever the mind reels,
Backwater of the mind,
A window.

Heart beats the seconds,
Quarter inch beneath the feet,
Brass handles mirror,

Feet all a motion,
Coats going there,
Smoke trailing upward,
“Have a dollar?”


Tapping the dance,
Dreamer on the drum,
Prancing to balance,
Hear the ever hum.

Mist on the ground,
Rising damp,
Clean the dust away,
Pine dripped glass.

Scatter the crystals,
Nature’s laugh,
Paint the eaves,
Spatter the grass.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Walk With You

Late morning dreams,
Hide beneath the covers,
Knock back the hour,
Someone started all too soon.

Fifth cup of coffee,
Can't get it going,
Mind unclear,
Was that a third cartoon?

Got to get ready,
Walk in the park,
Something to do today,
Ain't it always the same?

Cheerios and cranberries,
Bananas make it better,
Clean cloths again,
Time to buy diapers.

Happy life,
Forget the strife,
Paint the sky blue,
Time to walk with you.

Saturday, November 10, 2012


Bitter chill,
Furtive glances,
Rushing to the doors,
Avoid the eyes.

Fires have burned low,
Dreams gone with summer,
Just another rain drop,
Ice on my skin.

Sounds of excitement,
Pine in the air,
Stands the holy branches,
Smile back to my face.