Sunday, July 1, 2012


The dragon's roar shook the stone,
Battering rocks brought down the walls.
Defenders quailed beneath the breath,
Homes alight with flaming rage.

Valiant arrows soared ever upwards,
Down their falling like a million stars.
Wail and decry the end it comes,
No more shall songs be sung.

Then stood the lord in armor shining,
Sword and spear shaken aloft.
A cry of challenge quickly answered,
The rider and drake swing low.

Fire roars and shield prevents,
A striking claw and snap of jaws.
Strike true and fast,
Curse and quail the ground is scarred.

Blood flows the valiant fail,
Seething eyes glow red in the night.
Approach for killing blow,
Sudden pain and shaft of steel.

Down crashes the mighty,
Tumble and crush in dying rage,
Spear within the heart of fire,
Rider rides no more.

A cry of praise quickly paused,
Hero's dying request to hear.
Tomb of father's defended,
People violence spared.

Rest beneath the bones of beast,
Lasting remnants to remind.
Though shorn the line of Evron,
A king by a king was slain.

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